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Typical kitchen compositions

Optimize reduced spaces, highlight large ones and create communicating areas …You can find everything you need to know here.

The linear kitchen

It is ideal where long narrow spaces are present or when there is just one functional wall, which can all be customised.
For optimal flow in the kitchen, it is better if the countertop has a space for placing things/ food preparation between the sink and the hob.

A-Sink, B-Hob, C-Oven, D-Refrigerator, E-Pantry

The corner kitchen
Also ideal in reduced spaces, it allows optimal flows of movement between the nearby sink, hob and refrigerator, with a functional area in the middle. A very practical oven recessed in tall units.

A-Sink, B-Hob, C-Oven, E-Pantry

The kitchen with a peninsula
It is mainly used in open spaces when the living area and kitchen are communicating so that the projecting countertop can be used as a snack top or worktop. A powerful suction hood is recommended.

A-Sink, B-Hob, C-Oven, D-Refrigerator, E-Pantry

The kitchen with an island
Ideal for convivial occasions, it requires large spaces and special attention given to the electrical and plumbing systems, which need to be included when planning the kitchen.

A-Sink, B-Hob, C-Oven, D-Refrigerator, E-Pantry

Balancing design and technical needs has never been so easy!

To ensure liveability in the kitchen and to find the right balance of technical needs and design.
Assessing the kitchen measurements is a very delicate phase, which has a decisive impact on the liveability of the room. It is necessary to take into account the connections to various utilities, the norms in force in your country and, of course, ensure that doors and drawers open.
But that is not all: you also need to provide the right space for people to move about, starting with the layout of the room, the height of the ceilings and any type of obstacle, thus balancing requirements of technical design.

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